Victorious businessman crossing the finish line

Sierra Company, LLC focuses on selling and buying small to mid-market businesses, and the “Fair Market” valuation of those entities.  That’s all we do, and we are completely committed to being the BEST Company providing those services. Each Sierra Company, LLC professional has been through the buy/sell process with their own Company at least once, as well as facilitating the process many times. We understand that you need clear, unbiased answers to many questions which are often difficult to ascertain from an inside perspective.  Our innovative process combines proven marketing strategies, negotiating techniques and state-of-the-art resources that have been honed through many difficult transactions.   Below is an outline of the steps you can expect in a typical Sierra Company, LLC transaction.   

Initial Interview - Our first objective is to fully understand you, your business and your business sale objectives.  We can only meet your needs when we fully understand factors such as: your motivation for selling, timing, price expectations and the overall exit strategy. 

Valuation Estimate
The next step is to determine the “Fair Market Value” of your business.  This will require access to your company’s financial and general operating information.  The purpose of this step is to clearly outline how the market looks at business value and the key variables that positively and negatively impact price, terms and structure.  With a valuation, general understand of your market place and your exit strategy we can help you determine if the timing is right to go forward, or what changes could positively impact value.

Marketing Strategy – Once the decision is made to go forward, a marketing strategy is prepared with you.  This outlines which of the many marketing channels we will utilize in selling your business, target acquisition candidates and strategies,  potential candidates in the Sierra Company, LLC buyer inventory, prospects to be avoided, general approach and confidentiality considerations.  The result of this strategy shapes the marketing documents prepared in the next step. 

Business Offering Documents – Today’s sophisticated buyers require specific information for the review of a business.  We package this information, base on the marketing strategy above, into an Executive Summary and Confidential Business Presentation.  This ensures a favorable presentation, while providing the acquirer with the detailed information they expect.  The package informs buyers of the many intangibles positives of your Company to raising perceived value.  The goal is to highlight the positives of your business in a professional and compelling manner that inspires additional interest.        

Research – Research – Research - The cornerstone of our success is locale, regional and national research!  We continuously and confidentially study, seek out and engage acquisition candidates in many buyer categories with a high probability for a favorable transaction. We utilize, trade publications, Association memberships, industry and national databases and several other means of identifying target candidates.  While many of our campaigns involve advertising, the majority of our successfully buyers come from our process of proactively seeking them out.

Qualification, Presentation & Review
– No information about your company will be given to any prospective buyer without obtaining a signed
Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement as well as Broker Disclosure.  Buyers are also qualified financially where appropriate which may include the submittal of a Confidential Buyer Profile and credit research.  We field all incoming responses, obtain the proper agreements, send out the Offering Documents and address the many initial buyer questions.  We also gain a solid understanding of the buyer’s financial ability, interest level, motivation and fit with your company before introducing you to a buyer. 

Letter of Intent (LOI)
After the initial meeting with a prospective buyer, there will be a series of questions and information to be exchanged.  Buyers should be prepared to submit a one to three page Letter of Intent with our assistance shortly after that time.  The letter of Intent spells out the general price and terms of the offer along with any contingencies.  The LOI is either accepted, countered or rejected until there is agreement between Buyer and Seller.  At that time a deposit is required and the Buyer is typically given an “Exclusive period” to conduct due diligence and complete a Purchase and Sale Agreement will the Seller.

Negotiations - Negotiations between the Buyer and Seller can sometimes be tense.  Managing offers and negotiating the best possible deal, while keeping the process on track to a successful closing is a critically important component of our job. Having been through the process many times, Sierra Company, LLC professionals can facilitate the process to resolve issues as they arise and control all aspects of the deal until resolution is reached. This gives you complete control over the process without being immersed in details, while allowing you to concentrate on operating the business.

Due Diligence
- The offer is usually contingent on the buyer verifying the accuracy of the seller's financial and operational representations. We manage the buyer carefully as they go through the process of due diligence and inspecting business information. This process also involves managing and settling all contingencies until the contingencies are removed from the Letter of Intent/ Purchase Agreement.          

Purchase Agreement – We work closely with Seller, Buyer and both attorneys to insure your interests are protected in the preparation of a definitive Purchase Agreement until the document is signed by all parties.

- This is the point where your objective is realized, the funds are transferred and the sale process is complete.      

Transition Period
- This involves a period of cooperation between you and the Buyer to complete the transition of business ownership including key relationships and proprietary information. The time required for this process often varies, but generally takes one to three months.